Hand-Crafted in Crandon, Wisconsin


Since the very first prototype built, our products have been designed with one goal, to combine high-quality craftsmanship with the latest innovative technology. It began with trailers, transformed into Trolleys and food trucks, then expanded into buses.

in Wisconsin

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Transportation is the core of Hometown Manufacturing. From small private tours to everyday mass transit to National Park shuttling, each Hometown Manufactured product is hand-crafted to meet your specific needs and budget.

painting bus
welding bus
urban bus in city

Our Heritage

1903 Kiser

Lewis Kiser (ancestral grandfather) begins inventing, Decatur, IL. 

Kiser Compressor

Lewis Kiser invents and patents Air Compressed Engine. 

Bruce and Neil Pence

Bruce and Neil Pence (brothers) built custom truck camper toppers and modified extended truck cabs.

Lazy N

Bruce and his wife Louella incorporated business as Lazy N’, continue designing and building custom trailors.

first trolley bus

Bruce Pence designs and builds his first trolley bus at Lazy N, Inc.

Double K, Inc.

Second-generation steps into the leadership role. Double K, Inc. was incorporated by Kevin and Kristina Pence and moved business to Crandon, WI. 

Rear Engine

Double K, Inc. sends a rear-engine trolley using a Freightliner XB chassis in for Altoona testing at Penn State.

Penn State

Double K, Inc. sends the front-engine model trolley using a Freightliner MB55 in for Altoona testing at Penn State.

Front Engine

Double K, Inc. began branding the product as “Hometown Trolley”. The two available models are the Villager and the Mainstreet.


Hometown Trolley develops 2 new models, the Streetcar and Carriage as well as their own patent-pending low floor chassis.

Classic American Trolleys

Hometown Trolley purchases the Classic American Trolley Product Line from the Supreme Corporation.


Hometown Trolley expands and rebrands as Hometown Manufacturing to encompass existing and future vehicle lines. 

2018 bus

Builds and develops Hometown Coach modern bus line. First model completes Altoona test at Penn State

2019 bus

Streetcar with L9 CNG Drivetrain completes Altoona Test.

Hometown Trolley Green

2020 Villager electrified

Hometown Coach Green

2020 View electrified

2020 bus

Hometown Coach line expands with development of Commuter. Completes altoona test at Penn State. 

urban bus 2021

Develops new heavy-duty, low-floor Urban bus, testing at Penn State. 

Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Green energy engine

The engineering team at Hometown Trolley invests time in research and development to craft high-quality, reliable alternative fuel technologies for our trolleys and trolley stops. We are dedicated to preserving the environment and offering you products that increase efficiency and decrease your footprint.

Hometown Pride

The Pence-Dunow family, Kristina Pence-Dunow and husband, Joey Dunow, son Dustin Pence, and daughter Jessica Pence, continue to innovate while manufacturing buses and trolleys with the same design principles, work ethics and commitment to quality established by the founding generation of Pence’s.

hometown trolley team photo

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