Committed To

Environmental Stewardship


Dedicated to a Greener Future

A greener tomorrow is a fundamental facet of Hometown Manufacturing’s process, start to finish.  We strive to design our vehicles to be adaptable for different fuel options as technology advances and changes.

Our vehicles have evolved through the years as we enable the future of mobility with innovative and sustainable solutions, making a significant impact on emissions and our environment.

We are constantly working with engineers to design the best electric power train for our industry as we navigate this necessary and imminent change.

Energy Types


Hometown Trolley and EPC have developed a full electric propulsion system providing a range of 120-140 miles and a short recharging time of 4-5 hours, producing zero emissions.


We have partnered with Green Alternative Systems (GAS) to provide LPG and CNG packages to meet longer-range capabilities and lower emissions.

Looking to make your fleet green?

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